About Northeast Nebraska Entertainment
About Northeast Nebraska Entertainment
First of all, Northeast Nebraska has some of the most talented singers, songwriters and musicians anywhere! For some reason, this doesn't seem to be widely known. We have recording artists who have been on the Billboard Charts, and that have appeared on American Bandstand! And they love to play! They'll go out to hear a band play and end up performing on the stage - just for the joy of making great music! And we have extremely talented artists and bands that perform all music genres - rock, metal, country, blues, boogie, jazz, soul, bluegrass, folk music - you name it... Northeast Nebraska has it all!
So here is how it started...
We were sitting outside on a perfect summer night listening to some of the best live music you could find anywhere, thinking "life doesn't get much better than this!" A beautiful night, a tasty beverage, great friends and free live music... what more could you ask for? Then, one of the guys at the table and I got to talking, and I asked him if he knew of anybody playing the coming weekend. He said that he had heard through a friend that one of the local bars might be having a band, but he wasn't sure. I asked the rest of the people at the table if they had heard of anything. We all stared blankly at each other and discovered that nobody knew for sure, and worst - there was no way for us to find out.
And that got us thinking...
A week or so later, we stopped by a local bar for a beer, and noticed that the back corner had been cleared of tables and chairs. A couple guys were bringing in equipment, and we asked our waitress what was going on. She said that they were setting up to perform later that night. So... a great country band, no cover charge, and the only way we had found out was that we happened to stop on the very night they were performing (of course we stayed - they were great).
The problem is that most bars and restaurants aren't able to advertise the artists they have performing, so typically, they'll put up some flyers in their business, and maybe put a little something in the newspaper. And let's say you come home from work after a long day, and you want to do something. Go out to eat, maybe have a beer, listen to some great live music, go to a movie, sing karaoke... just do something! How do you find out what's going on and where to go?
THAT'S how we came up with Northeast Nebraska Entertainment! We wanted to create a website that could be your one stop for Northeast Nebraska's best live music, concerts, events, movies, dining and more.
So... Help us promote the local restaurants, bars, and clubs that provide live music! Musicians - contact us and let us know when and where you are playing next. Everybody else - TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS WEBSITE AND SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC IN NORTHEAST NEBRASKA!
Let everyone know that Northeast Nebraska Rocks!!!
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