The Lonesome
Walker Band
Bob Wanek - Lead Guitar & Vocals
John Wells - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Tom Penington - Drums & Vocals
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phone: (402) 887-2384
Bob Wanek from The Lonesome Walker Band, a Northeast Nebraska Band from Neligh, NE
The Lonesome Walker Band was formed in 2000 by the late Jim Broders, a Carroll, Nebraska native, along with Bob Hartl, a bass player from Stanton, Nebraska, lead guitarist Jason Ferguson from Norfolk, Nebraska, and Columbus, Nebraska drummer, Tom Penington.
In 2001, Jack McKown of Norfolk, Nebraska joined The Lonesome Walker Band as lead guitarist, along with Mark Stafford, a pianist from Tennessee, who played with group for a few short months until his departure in early 2002.
Bob Wanek of Neligh, Nebraska joined The Lonesome Walker Band in early 2002 as a rhythm guitarist, with Jim Broders in full control of the lead guitar position. After the tragic and untimely death of Jim Broders in June of 2003, The Lonesome Walker Band continued as a three piece band for about a year, performing with Bob Hartl, Tom Penington and Bob Wanek. A fourth member was added to the group when Terry Hess, a rhythm guitar player from Stanton, Nebraska joined the band, and Bob Wanek assumed the role of lead guitarist.
A year later, The Lonesome Walker Band found themselves in need of a bass player when Bob Hartl left the group, and for several months, the band was forced to use stand-in bass players. Eventually, Alan Hansen from Neligh, Nebraska joined The Lonesome Walker Band and remained the group's full-time bass player until his departure in 2004 when Pete Montaigne, a bass player from Yankton, South Dakota joined the band.
In 2009, John Wells from O'Neill, Nebraska joined The Lonesome Walker Band, and alternated between rhythm and bass guitar for about a year when bassist Pete Montaigne left the band. Terry Hess, the band's long-time rhythm guitarist also left the group, and the band once again performed as a three piece ensemble until October 2010, when Janie Kaye Engelby joined The Lonesome Walker Band, providing lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Janie left the band in 2011 and Rick Kotrous was later added to the line-up, playing rhythm guitar, harmonica, and percussion for the group.
During the last 13 plus years, countless other musicians have performed with The Lonesome Walker Band, including Dick Broders, Dave Broders, Floyd (Hop) Hopkins, Warren Frerrichs, Luke Frerrichs, Coleman Broders, Joann Howell, Rick Rader, the Cactus Flats band, and many other good friends and band supporters.
Today, The Lonesome Walker Band has returned to a three piece line-up with Bob Wanek on lead guitar, John Wells on bass guitar, and Tom Penington playing drums. The Lonesome Walker Band is a group of high energy, high octane musicians from the Woodstock generation, who eventually drifted into the "Long-Haired Red-Neck Brand of Country Music" that was popular in the late 70's, but never shook their Rock n' Roll roots. They entertain audiences with a mix of Country Music, Classic Rock, and Southern Rock, with a little Oldies, Blues, and Folk Music thrown in, for a unique blend of music they call "Real Rural Rock n' Roll". If you love 70's Outlaw Country Music, don't miss The Lonesome Walker Band... they have something for everyone!
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Bob Wanek
phone: (402) 887-2384